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"Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you"


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Due Diligence and Risk Management Advisory

Sigmania specialises in risk management solutions for alternative investments.  Our coverage extends to hedge funds, alternative UCITs, long-only funds, illiquid close-ended funds, securitisation structures, and PE firms investing in real assets and infrastructure.


In partnership with OCIO Connect, Sigmania enables family offices and institutional investors to conduct operational due diligence of hedge funds, UCITs funds and onshore and offshore management companies. Sigmania provides a solution for ongoing risk monitoring of hedge fund portfolios, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis. 


Sigmania provides access to all primary research and due diligence action points for its clients via a purpose built application, that can also be used by the client for independent internal audit and control risk self assessment.


Square Square Square Square

Client driven in-depth operational  due diligence review of single funds and multi-fund portfolios

Deep-dive portfoloio review to improve risk transparency, reporting and governance tailored to your investment portfolio

In-house AIFMD and UCITs implementation support for ManCos. Establishing compliant risk policies and processes

In-house training  and ongoing support. Interim COO services, internal audit, risk committees representaion