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"Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you"


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Investors: what lies beneath is what counts...

Hedge Fund Due Diligence


Sigmania undertakes holistic market risk focused investment due diligence for family offices, third party distributors, platforms and institutions on specific hedge fund opportunities as requested by the client, in partnership with OCIO Connect (


The service is available at two levels (red flag review and deep dive analysis) to suit any budget, to include:


   - investment strategy

   - statistical analysis of returns

   - bottom up analysis of performance and fund expenses

   - risk management process

   - review of risk reports, regulatory filings, board minutes

   - review of legal documentation and material adverse changes

   - gap analysis of regulatory compliance and systems and controls

   - background search of personnel and fund directors

   - review of fund and management company accounts

   - review of operational policies, processes and procedures

   - counterparties and service providers

   - cyber security and business continuity


We cover several emerging/niche managers yet to be reviewed by large investment consultants. Our hands-on market and credit risk background and trading floor experience in premier banking institutions gives us an in-depth understanding of the risks present in the most complex trading strateges and in the firm as a whole.


Private Equity & Direct Investments


It's important to get a second opinion.  Sigmania will join your existing deal team or conduct independent research into the investment target's operations, key personnel, material contracts, revenue volatility, exposures to market, credit, operational, reputational and regulatory risks and competitive environment.


Sigmania has experience in the following sectors:


     - energy and infrastructure

     - environmental markets

     - mining and natural resources

     - commodities production and trading

     - healthcare and social services

     - financial services (market makers, broker dealers)

     - alternative credit and trade finance

     - equity investments into hedge fund managers