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"Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you"


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Risk Committee Support to Fiduciaries

Sigmania will help engage an expert COO/CRO until you are in a position to hire senior risk personnel. This is a solution for fiduciaries and AIFMs who wish to gain a valuable team member on a part-time basis to ensure independence of their risk function and benefit from expert advice.

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Sigmania provides in-house training for internal staff to monitor risk efficiently and comply with regulatory obligations.

Services for Fund of Funds, Private Wealth Managers and Management Companies

We provide hands on risk management framework implementation.


We perform gap analysis on portfolio risk management, reporting and controls, and scope out improvements based on your budget and the requirements of your portfolio (volume, number of managers invested, structured products, strategy-specific market and counterparty risks).


We contact the managers to discuss performance attribution, changes in risk exposures, and provide an enhanced summary to the risk committee on key investment and operational risks. Where possible, we perform stress testing of the portfolios and highlight risk concentrations. On request, we provide operational due diligence on all service providers to your entity.


Sigmania has developed and continuously updates industry best practice risk control self-assessment content delivered in a systematic way through a cost-effective software application that can be viewed in real time by any member of your entity with permissions set depending on their job functions.


Where appropriate Sigmania implements and customises quantitative third party risk software solutions that are flexible and Excel-friendly to enhance your entity's risk reporting.


We help ensure UCITs & AIFMD compliance, and conduct one-off independent assurance work required to ensure your managers meet UCITs & AIFMD regulatory requirements.



Independent Director

Sigmania welcomes discussions about non-executive director roles or risk, audit and valuation independent committee member appointments to represent the interests of your investors or enhance your fund's governance.